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Art of the Score

Creativity Opus 2: Just Remember Jazz started with a Black Man

trying to get his thoughts about music out of his head and into his instrument or into some paper so other people could get it into their instruments. Jazz is strong bold music created by a strong and bold people. The Score was the first method of recording music. Recording does not mean sound , wax, 8-tracks, cassettes, CD's or Digital audio file- it means a record-documentation of what took place in the composers mind. Analog and Digital recordings have yet to outlive the Score. It's got hundreds of years to go before it does that. Creating the Score is the ultimate tests to ones musicianship in any style. All the greats left a Score. That's why they're still great 100 plus years later. If you can't write your music down your are illiterate. Solve that by any means necessary.

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