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Reimaginging the music for "Lamentation" by Martha Graham

REDEFINING THE 12 TONE SYSTEM: A creative contemplation tool for musicians developed by Composer, Pianist

and Music Theorist Ashby Anderson, The TETRA SET as an aid to understanding the Diminished Augmented System of Harmony- D.A.S.H. ( DASH is a compositional method and tonal organization system pioneered by Ashby which uses nine tone scales as a basis for tonal organization.) The TETRA SET is a physical representation of the DASH Method in 3 Dimensional form. The TETRA SET redefines the 12 Tone System using 3 Dimensional Tetrahedrons. The TETRA SET outlines the complete relationship between 3 and 4 tonic harmonic systems developed from diminished and augmented scales. All TETRA SETS Come with and E-Book and instructional diagrams that outline the DASH Method of Music Composition. Ashby orginially developed this creative tool as a personal aid to visualizing the Diminished Augmented System of Harmony -It is now available to everyone.

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