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Structuring Compositions: Part I

Music compositions can be structured or nonstructured. Structuring your compositions take time. Developing an approach that helps you organize the resources for your composition will pay off in the later stages of the composition process.

Ask yourself several questions. What is the goal of my composition? What elements would I like to use? What types of harmonies will convey the emotional content of my composition? What type of time signature will best serve the purpose of my composition? What is the instrumentation needed to transmit my ideas through my composition? What would I like to learn by completing this composition? What areas do I need to improving in ? How will creating this piece of music add to my other works that I have composed? Order Today

Before writing your composition, it's a good idea to think about the form and length of the composition. Ask yourself, what is the framework that my ideas need to fit into? Then begin to ask yourself is this composition 36 bars 28 bars is it at 12 bar blues or 16 bar format. Am I going to use an unorthodox approach to the form of my composition? For instance, will I use mathematical sequences that will determine the form of my song or composition?

Next, what are the elements that I would like to use to create this composition? What type of scales am I interested in exploring? Will my choices of tonality be traditional or will I take a nontraditional or experimental approach to harmony and melody and rhythm?

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