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The Creator's Music Theory E-Book

All proceeds benefit music education and provide access to music instruments and instruction for young musicians in Richmond, Virginia USA.

Composer Ashby Anderson outlines an astonishing array of chordal symmetry within nine tone symmetrical scales. In this short and user-friendly e-book, Anderson sheds light on new possibilities for composition and improvisation. By substituting a nine-tone system as a basis for chordal relationships; new harmonic progressions, chord substitutions, and melodic lines emerge through the use of this method.

  • 43 - page E-Book Download

  • Full Score composition using The Creator's Music Theory

  • Outline of the Universal Chord for Tonal Navigation

  • Outline of the Seven Levels of Harmony in Nine Tone Symmetrical Scales

  • Three Diagrams Outlining 240+ Chords Constructed from Nine Tone Symmetrical Scales 

  • Diminished Augmented Matrix

  • Three Digital Albums by Ashby Anderson

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