Composer Ashby Anderson outlines an astonishing array of chordal symmetry within nine tone symmetrical scales. In this short and user-friendly e-book, Anderson sheds light on new possibilities for composition and improvisation. By substituting a nine-tone system as a basis for chordal relationships; new harmonic progressions, chord substitutions, and melodic lines emerge through the use of this method.

  • 43 - page E-Book Download

  • Full Score composition using The Creator's Music Theory

  • Outline of the Universal Chord for Tonal Navigation

  • Outline of the Seven Levels of Harmony in Nine Tone Symmetrical Scales

  • Three Diagrams Outlining 240+ Chords Constructed from Nine Tone Symmetrical Scales 

  • Diminished Augmented Matrix

  • Three Digital Albums by Ashby Anderson

All proceeds benefit music education and provide access to music instruments and instruction for young musicians in Richmond, Virginia USA.

The Creator's Music Theory E-Book