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The Universal Chord Method of Tonal Navigation: ™


A New Paradigm in Common Tone Substitution used as an aid to navigate through a mosaic of chord possibilities from three common notes in any chord. A great resource for expanding the awareness of  possibilities within the western tonal system.

The Diminished Augmented System of Harmony and Scales: ™


From the New Paradigm Series in Tonal Organization developed by composer, theorist, and music educator Ashby Anderson.  An astounding revelation in harmony developed from Nine Tone Symmetrical Scales.  Workshop outlines an astounding array of chord, scales and new  progressions derived from this method.

Measurements in Music ™


New Paradigm in organizing the form of a composition using simple mathematics  to generate new musical forms through numerical order and structure.

  • Interval Permutations

  • Arithmetic Sequences

  • Proper proportions for sections of your composition

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